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Ring Around The Rosie

Jul 17, 2019

Hi All! Step into the pro wrestling ring with me every week on Ring Around The Rosie! So sorry I've been away...more on this on the show...

This week - Coverage of WWE Extreme Rules 2019!

A Quick note in regards to the show...dear hubby, who edits my show, got a bit perturbed when I brought him up out of context as not liking Bayley...saying he didn't like her and he didn't like her "Bayley Buddies"...and left it at that. That was my error. My hubby wrote a fan column for PWInsider for over eight years, and knows his wrestling...and doesn't care for Bayley because he feels she's sloppy at times when she's in the ring. It was wrong of me to omit that - I did know that and I apologize for mischaracterizing his dislike of her - he doesn't want to be thought of as a curmudgeon because he doesn't like "little Miss Perky and her Bayley Flailies" as he calls her and them...

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